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#1 2011-02-20 2:32:46 PM

mian iqbal
New member

need some help

I installed Orbit (V4.0.0.3) with the Grab Pro option on my PC [Vista SP2; Internet Explorer 8 and FireFox]. I can not copy streaming videos from YouTube (and other sites). I noticed it has no problem with copying a streaming ad in the FLV file format on one site. On another site it will copy a streaming video in the MOV file format but, on the same site, not streaming videos with the FLV file format. It's the same results using YouTube Downloader in FireFox. In "Recorder Settings" for both Grab Pro (IE8) and YouTube Downloader (FireFox), flv is shown in the file leech type selection. I have no trouble copying any of these streaming videos using the add-on extension called DownloadHelper that I have installed in FireFox.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what is going on or could be the problem? The error message seems to be "No URL found" as if the Orbit downloaders can not figure out were the video file is. It seems to be related to flv type files. I even tried Grab++ and the "GetIt" feature but they were no better. Thanks.



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